Our Grievances; Our Cares

The two sects; why do they fight so?
Forcing those defeated to toil under scorching sun,
Killing our men, torturing our women,
Bereaving that old mother of her son.
Each sing praises of the deeds they’ve done
Unknown to the world outside our little shell,
The muse of these praises is the point of a gun.

The two sects; why do they fight so?
Don’t they know that their leaders
Are paid to send them
To fight the battles they don’t want to fight?
Are bribed to keep mum
About the atrocities they had done?

The two sects; why do they fight so?
Our chance of food is the lowest of lows
Cutting off our supplies of water
Like so many heads of their foes.
Don’t I have a right to food? To water?
To what makes me a human too?

Do not fight each other in endless war
Embrace each other as the brothers you are
Conflict, corruption, food so scarce.
These are our grievances; these are our cares.

                                                                                   ~Sidharth Vattezhath

                                                                                   Sharjah, UAE

Note: Poet currently studies in Grade – 8 *

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  1. Hats off to this young poet! He seems to be more matured & understanding than those involved in disrupting peaceful life & going against the belief of ‘live & let live’

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