Another Autumn

I’m in Tosantos

Locatlity of the province of Burgos

Sat in an “Ottoman”

As a sofa

In my room at ground level

Listening the rain falling

Getting me on nerves.

Just stop raining!

I get up

And I’m going to the window


The second grass

That produces the meadows

And the earth ’seasoning

That is put in good condition.

I look out the window

Seeing Autilla and Otoción

Older woman and man

Listening from they:

He: Woman, Grass sprouts in Autumn

She: If only will sprout Yrs¡

They were going to laugh

When they stop talking

Seeing two lovers arguing

The girl with a milk pitcher

Under the arm

And the boy with a slab in tow

Talking about the days

That spend without feeling.

I turned to the “Ottoman”

Starting to listen

Because  I have somewhere in me

The newly wet Autumn:

Lake of Tears’

“So Feel Autumn Rain”

                                                   ~Daniel de Culla

                                                     Burgos, Spain

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