And the Children Shall Lead Them

Let’s put the kids in charge.

They can’t do much worse

then the current leadership.
They’re not venal and corrupt.

Maybe they’re inexperienced,

but it’s hard to be more ignorant

then the men and women

who can’t keep our government running.

Some day, the children of our young people

would like to breath clean air,

not be helpless victims

of economic exploitation,

live in a safe land

where automatic weapons

weren’t the catch of the day.

It is painfully obvious

the system isn’t working,

except for the privileged.

Perhaps it’s time for an experiment,

select high school seniors on merit,

test them, find out what they know,

what they’re willing to learn.

We should design special courses

in government operations,

economics, the list goes on.

Let them run things for a while.

If it’s a disaster

we’ll go back to the old ways.

Let anyone with money,

influence, or connections,

purchase high office

however unqualified,

and not serve the people.

                                               ~Gary Beck

                                                New York, USA

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