The 68% Division

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.
~Miguel de Cervantes

The Maharashtra government, few days ago, have signed on a bill that can be described cowardly at best. By providing 16% reservation in govt. jobs and education to Maratha community and bringing the overall percentage of reservation in state to 68% they have showed what a spineless govt looks like. This caving in to political pressure will set-off in chain motion a no holds barred extortion racket of demanding reservation and mark my ominous words, this supposedly benevolent gift to help a marginalized community will only benefit a very small percentage and people for whom this reservation is demanded will still go unemployed on streets. This 68% reservation is a treason to the youth who want to see a just and equal society. Maharashtra government should hang its head in shame instead of rejoicing.

If only reservation would have solved all our problems, this country would have become developed by now. Instead of making people aware and working towards providing equal opportunity for all despite caste basis, we have relegated into animals who fight among each other for few bits of meat. The aid should be given to those who need it the most, there are millions of deprived folks from all sections of Indian society, so why only few casts should get the benefit. This will create irreparable rift in society and make people depend on paltry govt jobs.

Even though this bill will not stand the test of law which limits the reservation to 51%, it should set as a reminder to people that political parties will not wait to sell their fundamental rights of equal opportunity for slightest of political mileage. Most of the times the benefit of reservation is usurped by creamy layer. Jobs and opportunities depend on economic policy, ease of doing business and providing a corruption free and sustainable atmosphere. Since democracy has its down side too, the politicians can’t look beyond the election on horizon and as a result we have horse-traders instead of leaders at the helm. Unemployment, poverty or suicide of farmers will not stop by reservation.  It’ll only give license to privileged few to game the system and reap the benefits.

Development of society depends on how its people think and if they strive for higher principals or objectives. Instead of striving to create opportunity for all, we are reserving the limited resources of this country at the expense of everyone else.

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  1. bravo siddharthji for this very, very elaborate and truthful editorial ‘ it only shows how we ourselves are making this vast country and its youth to walk on crutches … people take immense pride in demanding reservations and ‘a piece of meat’ as you so appropriately conclude … it also reveals to what extent our vote catchers have drowned their loyalty towards national progress!

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