Retaining Your Soul in an Era of Betrayal

By Mark Antony Rossi

Without constant vigilance it’s possible even by accident to let go a fragment piece of your soul to the vultures of office politics. Many have fallen victim to this unfortunate trap. Good people usually don’t watch every angle, weigh every word, want every action to mean more than what’s visible to the naked eye.

Too often I get upset at good people because they bend over for evil and then complain in the morning their butt hurts. But I understand that the common definition of good is not wanting to make a hassle and be willing to give a benefit of a doubt. This definition needs an update.

The world grows darker as those in the light continue to decline to get involved in anything that doesn’t involve their immediate danger. If you ever wonder why the vilest people possess such in-depth vision it’s precisely due to it’s easier to plan the future when so few are willing stand in your way.

I’ve never pretended to be a hero. My actions though in defense of others have always included the selfish truth of enjoying to punch out the bully. I’ve merely directed the angry side of me firmly against the guilty to help the innocent. It’s who I am and how I regulate my poor temper. I won’t apologize to anyone for this not even God himself.

I’d rather confront. I’d rather fight. Not because I’m battle-hungry but because it’s a sure method to maintain honesty. I am still who I am. You know who I am and I know what you are. I haven’t lost any fragments of my soul from inaction or ignorance in the midst of apathetic or amoral monsters.

However; I have consciously used violence in service of my Republic, in defense of family and friends and occasionally for personal dignity sake. I am not ashamed. Becoming a writer probably saved my life a long time ago.
If there are spiritual consequences to my actions —bring them on. I’m used to taking on the world. I view silence as the deadliest sin.

I leave you for the holidays with this one request: stand up for someone in distress. Don’t think about it. Just do the right thing for a change. You will help push back the darkness. World Peace needs active verbs; not passive victims.

About the Author: Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York.


  1. It’s very true that ‘ World peace needs active verbs, not passive victims’ Such passivity strengthens the troublemakers, the hooligans, the bossy ones & irrespective of their age they can make a person’s life a living hell. Pt Nehru believed that a positive thought must be executed otherwise it’s an abortion of it. It will do no good to anyone. Acceptance of a wrong action by staying mum means you are supporting it ..You too are a part & parcel of it

  2. you are a true activist and a prolific writer Mark Antony and its always a pleasure to read what you pen down so earnestly from your heart.
    thank you for your frank and honest observations and true to life presentations of human nature in every sphere of life
    you are god fearing and I hope and trust all who read you will learn to be better human beings
    in a nutshell you are a true reformer

  3. ASB & shobha thank you graciously for your support.

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