It  was  a  life  less  lived

For  most  of  the  time  I didn’t  live

Kept  acting  as a lively  person, who’s

Full  of  sorrow  but  looked  festive

No  regret  for  such  life  though

But  lack  of  love  is  unbearable

My  inner  core  has  a  hollow  pit

Filling  it  with  some  ardour  is  a  fable

I’m  living  a  charade  of  life

Which  is  full  of  pains  and  tears

I  keep  a  façade  of  laughter

That  burden  my  lonely  heart  bears

Canvas  of  my  life  has  less

Trees  and  more  of  sand

No  love – stream  flows  here

It’s  absolutely  arid  land

I  do  not  crave  for  a  long  life

I  wish  for  a  drizzle  of  love

At  least  the  twilight  days, should

Have  some  pleasure  and  not  be  tough

                                                                            ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                                               Bangalore, India

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Yes, life sans love has no thrills to offer, and no history to convey to the progeny!
    It has no charms to attract others in to its fold, and has to thrive on its own languishing ever, but certainly with hoping against hope in anticipation of some miracles to happen and shower the rain of LOVE to drench the arid land of LIFE to allow for FLOWERS sending FRAGRANCE for ENJOYMENT!

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