Hush! The morn whispers

A gleeful tune into my ears

I listen drowsed with sleep

Heavy eyelids not ready to ope…

Flicker, then close

Till the fragrance of dewy flowers

Tickle my awakening thoughts…

Stretching forward…I fling the sheet to

Greet the glorious morn…

The twittering birds hop

From branch to branch

Then fly to freedom across the bright blue sky

Man chained to his forlorn thoughts

Hankering for treasures unknown

The mocking moody day grows unending…

Thoughts floating with the clouds

Await destination

Hope(s) tied, untied, struggle for freedom

Awaiting… the rays to

 Shine and glow

 To light the un trodden path…

                                                                                                           Shobha Diwakar                 

                                                                                       ~Jabalpur, India


  1. A simple but a very beautiful poem. The imagery is so well defined that you can actually visualize the morning scene.

  2. Thanks ASB for your thoughtful analysis of the poem

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