Timeless Love

On  the  path  of  life

I  walked  alone

With  so  many  ups  and  downs

The  journey  was  long

Somewhere  along  the  way

I  lost  my  companion

To  the  greener  pastures

And  some  opulent  region

Since  then  I  did  not  find

My  life’s  love,

Moving   on  all  by  myself

Life  seems  rather  tough

Now,  as  I  see  the  couple  walk

Side  by  side,  holding  hands,

Feeble  and  bent  due  to  age

But  happy  as  long  lost  friends

Time  and  age  has  no  meaning

For  those  who  are  in  love

Length  of  journey  does  not  matter

Blessed  are  they  even  if  the  road’s  rough

                                                                       ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                                          Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    It’s all in the mind to view a situation, favourable or not!
    What life has to offer us is in abundance, and it’s for the ‘actors on the stage of life’ to choose to play the part exactly just as assigned- nothing less, nothing more- to complete the ‘circle’to exactitude!
    And the role of ‘loving relationship’, to bring it to its logical conclusion, come what may in between, is hard but possible given the commitment its full play!

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