Ram Has Been Kept From Ayodhya Too Long

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

There are matters of jobs, there are matters of poverty, there are matters of development and growth, there are many matters that matter for a country and its population but there are also the matters of faith. Ram temple in Ayodhya is one such matter of faith which is a paramount matter of importance without being on anyone’s priority list.

It’s the weakness of Indian Politicians and the system that both are unable to envision anything beyond their own existence. It’s this strain of weakness that has been passed on to governments after governments. Solution, a decisive solution, is deliberately not reached so that millions live in quandary and if there is no surety of an agreement; people accept it as the way of things. The fear that is expressed that there will be widespread rioting and destabilization if the temple is built but we may have that same scenario over the indecision that has denied justice to millions of people.

Ayodhay is not just any city, it’s intertwined with religious fabric of this country, for eons it has attracted both pilgrims and pillagers. It’s the oldest running unresolved case in Indian legal history because its impact was always calculated on votes and stability, Congress never built it because they feared loosing votes of minorities and BJP never built it because they will loose the trump card. Except Yogi Adityanath, no one in BJP is interested in the temple.

People argue why the temple in that place only, why not in any other place but then same question can be asked the other way round. Why can’t temple be built in that place? Most of the times it’s the majority, general class that has to make room for others, why can’t this time they be given a chance to express their faith. Faith should be above the matters of politics, so let’s keep it that way. I think that country will not benefit from this status quo, there should be a clear stand on this issue and path way for building a temple should be cleared.

Note: The views expressed are personal in nature; there is no intention to harm any religious feelings or disrespect any individual or organization. 

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