Month: November 2018



It  was  a  life  less  lived For  most  of  the  time  I didn’t  live Kept  acting  as a lively  person, who’s Full  of  sorrow  but  looked  festive No  regret  for  such  life  though But  lack  of  love  is  unbearable My  inner  core  has  a  hollow  pit Filling  it  with  some  […]


Writing as Medicinal Relief

By Mark Antony Rossi What is writing but a race to reach the world before it buries the past. Before it buries the writer in a nameless grave. On an unfashionable street. Down by the tracks. What is writing but a communique to the departed. Hey, Father you were right […]



Liberating should it be, liberating should it be, To let light on, thoughts organized severely. Life blown on the shriveled cold bare mind, Carefully, yes carefully woven from the  labyrinth. To let light on, thoughts organized severely, Liberating should it be, liberating should it be. Perishable not, hereafter, the ink […]



Sometimes the autumnal sun shines on the trees for the last time and you see the real beauty of things you look in people sometimes too looking for that same nature that same beauty surely it must be there if only people could shed their leaves too and start again […]


India’s Extreme Left: Liberal in Violence

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal How does one justify violence, oppression, murder and wanton killing of journalists? Does so called fight against imperialism justify cold blooded murder of a cameraman? Those intellectuals, writers and journalists holding sympathy with “comrades” should have a better look at incident in Bastar where DD […]


Nothing Much for Minors

Minors are those less than eighteen, As they don’t have knowledge in keen. They don’t have a driving licence, As don’t have driving sense. Minors are given just pen and page, Their life is not more than a cage. Holiday is not given even on sundays, As their age is […]