Nothing Much for Minors

Minors are those less than eighteen,

As they don’t have knowledge in keen.

They don’t have a driving licence,

As don’t have driving sense.

Minors are given just pen and page,

Their life is not more than a cage.

Holiday is not given even on sundays,

As their age is negligible for fundays.

Parents are worried not to get blame,

From minors they just want their fame.

Circumstances are same for every minor,

Parents are just their life designer.

                                                             ~Sahaj Sabharwal

                                                            Jammu, India

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Despite all these drawbacks, their innocence is a gift, God-given, remaining free from the clutch of responsibility, with umpteen attendants in queue to attend to their needs and wants just for free, and instantly at that!
    And with the age of maturity announcing its arrival, comes the ‘individuality’ in full throttle with expectations and demands as never before to act firmly to completely change the character of children to one of adult with a promising independence at play ever after, giving no scope to the parents to have a say anymore in their life!

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