India’s Extreme Left: Liberal in Violence

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

How does one justify violence, oppression, murder and wanton killing of journalists? Does so called fight against imperialism justify cold blooded murder of a cameraman? Those intellectuals, writers and journalists holding sympathy with “comrades” should have a better look at incident in Bastar where DD News cameraman Achyutanand Sahu was killed for doing his duty. This supposed regret expressed by Darbha divisional committee of Maoist is not worth the paper it’s written on.

Through out the history of communism in various countries across the world, the Left always leave behind a very traceable trail of blood and the countries where they get to taste the power, the first thing that gets silenced is media, just look at examples of Russia, China, Kerala. Imagine if a simple construction of road can incense Maoist to an extent that they won’t spare an innocent reporter, how these guys would react to an article that question or criticize their leadership or tactics? Surprisingly, known bastions of left like JNU and left leaning media outlets have chosen to remain silent. Even the Editors Guild of India (EGi), the gilded organization that only comprises of “likeminded” members and has some prominent journalists of leftist bend, only went as far as to express condolence to the grieving family of slain cameraman, not a single word of criticism against Maoists. In fact on MJ Akbar’s issue despite having so many grave and serious charges against former minister, the EGi could only go as far as to make MJ Akbar’s membership, dormant.

Usurping power through violence is the ultimate aim of these extremists groups. Kidnapping, extortion and levying taxes is a norm in Bastar and Naxal affected areas of Chhattisgarh. If people see ground reality for themselves through media outlets of their hegemonic control and how security forces are risking their life and limb for bringing development to this area, vested agendas of Maoists and foreign powers supporting them will be defeated. Hence in order to create fear and keep news of these areas out of public view, this tactic was used.

Violence creates more violence, the Maoist way costed China millions of lives. Those following this philosophy will get nothing down that path. This same extremism we see in another form in Kashmir.  If fighting is the only means that’s left then why haven’t these guys achieved their aim? Their leaders live comfortably away form the bloodshed and young volunteers die fighting security forces. Maoists are not fighting for anyone; there is no noble cause here. Its time people see the true face of communism.

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Communism, in itself, should not create aversion in the minds of people, but only the wrong approaches of the practitioners!
    Would their resort to violence anyway help to enhance the living conditions of man on the street!
    No way it’s justified!
    What then is the ulterior motive?
    Should sit and talk out the matter for a fair solution!

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