Force of Nature-Woman

In morning rush hours  mom works with eight arms,

Uses many newton (1)force and completes,

The hard task briskly in minutes time.

For doing home work children resist mother,

Strongly with many ohms(2),

Mom make them do the same,

By teaching wisely  in fixed  time frame.

For saving money from house hold expenses,

Many many mm Hg(3)( 1mmHg = 133.322 Pascle),

Arterial high  blood pressure (BP) mom bears,

In her heart –and needful work she does ,

With brave large  heart.

Like Archemdese buyont force(4),

Mom has   inner capacity- buoyancy,

With her buyont thoughts(5) ,

Food on every plate she Puts,

And her family she nurtures  fondly.

There are many sources of problems on her way,

Emiting radiations- order of  many micro curie(6) ,

Mom protects nation/society/ family,

With her analytical/scientific skills,

Like our respected madam scientist Curie .

When we children put wet towel on bed everyday,

Mom sparks herself with several milli Volts(7)electricity,

And removes it without fail everyday

When for some reason,at home there are no fresh veggies,

Several milli amperes(8) current mom happily  bears,

Transformations within herself she brings ,

She cooks quietly those veggies with smiles and  grins.

When mom effort at work- home and office front,

Do not fall in lines  straight ,

People troll her at wave length  different, Like eminent Edison(9) scientist,

Every bad experience into good taste she converts,

Her own and  in-laws family she illuminates.

When in woman another,

People around mom praises,

 qualities much bigger,

 Such an act  by my heros,

Chance is almost zero,

 Like Aryabhataa(10) She conceptualizes zero.

Friends force of nature is every,

Woman- mom-wife-scientist,

This force, is manifested as energy positive,

and is grounded in emotional life of nation- family.

                                                                                                      ~ Sukarma Rani Thareja

                                                                                                        Kanpur, India


  1. Newton: A measurement, unit of force.
  2. Ohms:unit of resistance human resistance is about 10,00 ohms on the high side and as little as 300 ohms if the person is wet.
  3. mm Hg-Units of pressure.
  4. Buyont force: The unit for the buoyant force (like other forces) is Newton (N).
  5. Buyont thoughts Described as a state of mind, buoyancy is an inner capacity that carries one back to the surface when bad news threatens to pull one down. Buyont thought is a discipline and good habit to get into, to reach for a more positive feeling thought.
  6. micro curie: A unit used to measure the rate of radioactive decay.Radioactive decay is measured by the rate at which the atoms making up a radioactive substance are transformed into different atoms. One curie is equal to 37 billion (3.7 X 1010) of these transformations per second
  7. milli Volt:A human body can only generate between 10 and 100 millivolts.
  8. milli  amperes: Let’s see how much current flows through a person if he or she contacts a typical 120 volt household circuit. On the high side, with human resistance around 10,000 ohms, we can compute the current flow by dividing the voltage, 120, by the resistance, 10,000. This yields 0.012 amps, or 12 milli amps.
  9. Edison : To do great things, we need to be able to endure tragedy and setbacks,”author Ryan Holiday  writes. In his book  “The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph,” author Ryan Holiday says,when Edison factory was burning down, Sure, Edison could have wept, yelled in anger, or locked himself in his house in a state of depression. But instead, he put on a smile and told his son to enjoy the spectacle “. We have to learn to find joy in every single thing that happens.
  10. Aryabhataa-Aryabhatta was Indian Master Astronomer and Mathematician. India invented  the Number System. Zero was invented by Aryabhatta.


  1. Dr. R. K. Dwivedi says:

    Beautiful poem dedicated to all women. मातृशक्ति को कोटिशः नमन।

  2. Poem dealing with daily cores a woman undergoes.Beautifully framed.

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