When I got on the train

the man was talking

and I knew he would still be talking

when I got off in fifty minutes.


was mostly talking about Bob.

“Yea he is okay but you know”.

He said in a way that only people who are used to talking, talk.

He is still talking now

perhaps he never stops as long as he has someone to listen.

My mother would say

he could talk the legs off a donkey.

This guy could talk the legs off of thousands.

As I thought about this I took another look at him

a pictured him in a field

talking to a donkey with others behind

and a big pile of donkey’s legs all piled up

He got off a Clapham junction

still talking

and once again I could see him in that field.

                                                                                       ~Marc Carver

                                                                                      Basingstoke, UK

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