Democratic India

By Shobha Diwakar

Our India, your India, my India in fact, everyone’s India, the land once flowing with milk and honey but which history records was looted, looted and looted over and over again, not only by the East India Company, but prior to them by many other predators. Yes, that is exactly what they all were. All these looters possessed their own country but the thirst to overpower and dominate, to become supreme drove them so blind that their unquenched ego egged them to insanity to gain power, subdue and rule; so our beautiful, ancient, gifted country was hungrily devoured by these ambitious, carping empire seekers.

Ancient India was blessed with abundance in knowledge: in spirituality, yoga, religion, medicine, arts, literature and other gifts of learning, much, much before other countries. It is unfortunate that our serene gurus were unaware of their great wealth of knowledge and the contribution they made to the world as then the printing press did not exist. True, the British constructed, roads, bridges, the railway, factories, schools, post offices, ‘educated’ the people? Above all, divided and ruled the people, expanding their empire and empowering their kingdom.

Now here lies the catch to these entire episodes in history. India won independence and so began a grand perilous road to freedom. India, weakened and erecting after immense turmoil on all spheres whether economic, political or religious… the game begins rapidly… for power, prestige and resolutions. Most of the grand freedom fighters were ruthlessly killed, hanged or murdered.  Others who fought for their nation had clung to death without blinking an eyelid just like our brave freedom fighters. These were our real, real heroes whose families demanded nothing for the sacrifices made by their loved ones.

The picture soon changes, controversies begin as to who should head the Nation. After much debating conflicts settle down, the reign begins and India, this agitated giant country resolutely stands up on stuttering feet after the turbulent fight for freedom between India and Pakistan and hideous mass murders and rapes of innocent men, women, and children. It is amongst this monstrous chaos that India chivalrously breathes again although the stinging bolts still crushed the spirit. Tormented years of slavery and disruption steadily gained the strength to stand erect on its own strong merits and stride forward to achieve its esteemed goals of emancipation on all fronts. Over the years the political achievements of those governing the nation crossed all boundaries … as politics became a chessboard of competitors striving to build their own empires while the drooling voters sat idle without batting an eyelid.

Time sped on and dragged the lazy unheeding voters into a slumber which was never to be broken, either then, now, or probably never. The dynasty soared high on ‘wings of fire,’ and ambition that claimed the hereditary crown of glory diamond studded with other precious and rare gemstones that seemed to lose its glitter. The raging wolfish bantering echoed rudely in all areas of communication whether right or wrong, proving the lust of fame and reign, politics indeed is a game of ‘throne’ … those who win the ticket to fight the election are ‘aboveboard’ or so it is claimed.  These are the winners for the next five years if elected. A glamorous bewitching smile greets you in the morning papers as headlines spill and splash their names while the glorious  winners twist and swirl their moustaches proudly claiming they won the crown. Their future is secure as also their progenies’ for centuries to come for they make sure that during the next election their ‘poor’ near and dear ones also win a ticket so that these ‘poor nation saviors’ can serve ‘their own nation under the nation’s wealth.’

The national “Chair’ is a tempting trap to fulfill their ‘empty’ stomachs which soon has the capacity to stretch and protrude like a nine month pregnant woman ready to deliver the fruitful labor. The manifestos released spare not an iota of gifts ready to be bestowed upon the greedy voters who are fooled and trapped in the temptation of  FREE GIFTS from the ‘polished’ winners who know how the public can be fooled and won for their own nefarious gains. So mobiles, tablets, computers, two wheelers, cycles, sanitary napkins, delivery charges, hospital charges, free homes, electricity bills are all given as rewards if… if the foolish voters are there to fall into the depth of avaricious gains

Beware of these ‘national’ looters and betrayers who become richer by the score in just five years of their national leadership and roll in unlimited crores, while those who slog for more than 30 and 40 years of service die paying hospital bills. Our looters are none other than are very own people who believe that since they are now elected they can not only BRAG whatever comes into their dull head but that they can squander national wealth in petty declarations that will speed them into becoming billionaires and help them to REIGN SUPREME for the next five years. It is a shame to even think that even after more than seventy years of freedom our nation is still pleading to its public to cooperate in national cleanliness and environmental conservation than never before. Our very ‘poor leaders’ do not stop pleading and touching the voters’ feet to vote for them  so that as soon as they win they can become ‘sour’ and nasty because now THEY ARE IN POWER and POSSESS MUSCLES, MUSCLE MEN, BOUNCERS, to knock YOU down.



About the Author: Dr. Shobha Diwakar lives in Jabalpur, India and retired as the head of English department at C.P. Mahila Mahavidhyalaya, Jabalpur. She has published many research papers, stories, poems and essays in national, international and online journals. She contributes regularly to writerslifeline and Indian Periodical. Dr Diwakar  servers on the Advisory Board of 



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