A  tiny  fragile  child  I used  to  hide  from  probing  eyes

I  could  not relate  to  all  those  gals  and  guys

I  couldn’t  run  fast, I  couldn’t  play  ball

While  trying  high  jump  I’d  often  fall

I  was  not  at  all  in  their  league

I  was  an  alien  to  all  my  colleagues

So  I  turned  into  an  introvert

Could  not  afford  to  get  more  hurt

Started  weaving  my  dreams  around  me

Though  some  realities  had  bound  me

Fantasies  were  my  protective  fabric

I’ve  survived  through  their  magic

Hence  this  cocoon  is  my  precious  refuge

Shielding  me  from  distressing  deluge

Let  me  grow  up  and  be  strong,

Then  I’ll  come  out  and  join the  throng

Till  then  I’m  here  safe  and  sound

Confined  in  celestial  ground

                                                                               ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                                                Bangalore, India


  1. This is a reality that Ms Dixit has pointed out very nicely in her poem. Many youngsters do become introverts because of peer pressure & comparison so in a cocoon they live.

  2. Nicely written with care for the childhood days to be reserved for full enjoyment!
    Those days never return, and let the children be spared to take part in the activities of ‘their’ world and be free of trials which they can and will face when the time arrives!
    Let us not clip their wings, but facilitate their smooth ‘fly’ without hindrance!