Month: November 2018


Achieving Greatness

By Snigdha Jain Ever wondered what makes some people different from you. Why some people are famous, great or legends, I mean it’s not like that only a handful people in the world have talents or the brains to use them. Then why is it that only a handful of […]



Hush! The morn whispers A gleeful tune into my ears I listen drowsed with sleep Heavy eyelids not ready to ope… Flicker, then close Till the fragrance of dewy flowers Tickle my awakening thoughts… Stretching forward…I fling the sheet to Greet the glorious morn… The twittering birds hop From branch […]



A  tiny  fragile  child  I used  to  hide  from  probing  eyes I  could  not relate  to  all  those  gals  and  guys I  couldn’t  run  fast, I  couldn’t  play  ball While  trying  high  jump  I’d  often  fall I  was  not  at  all  in  their  league I  was  an  alien  to  all  […]


Tilted Window

Lend me a piece from blue sky Where avians freely fly high, In my backyard I may implant As weedy growth ravaged rampant; Suggesting others to remain closet Malicious breeze flowing intermittent In suppressed tone fellows whisper As if life shaken on muzzy fear. Let me lay green plants on […]


Thinking of Rethinking the Education

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Elections come and go but hardly the condition of education in the country ever make it to the manifesto, what does reach the declaration statement is the reservation in education but despite all the glittery language the condition remains grim. The problem is not only […]


Democratic India

By Shobha Diwakar Our India, your India, my India in fact, everyone’s India, the land once flowing with milk and honey but which history records was looted, looted and looted over and over again, not only by the East India Company, but prior to them by many other predators. Yes, that […]


Academic Tests

Oh these tests, Superfluous academic tests. No time to prepare For entrance tests. Difficult to store Vast concepts in mind, Oh how to retain so much Till marks given and paper signed. Bewaring that, The examiner is not blind, And not our by dweller That gives marks so kind. All […]