The Stream by the School

The road, the bridge, the stream,

the school itself, all seem smaller

than they did before way back

then in nineteen seventy-four

or is it I who am diminished

by the passing of the years?

Ah, yes, crossing the bridge

to enter the school at eight

then leaving again at four

in those adolescent days

now such distant memories

though this scene recurs

to haunt me in my dreams

when past and present fuse

as I stand alone on this bridge

watching the waters below.

Generations of schoolboys

have trod this familiar path

and grown old as I have done

yet this same stream will flow

ever onwards and onwards

oblivious to all who pass

long after I am dead and gone.

                                                                ~Ian Fletcher

                                                                   Cardiff, Wales


  1. Ah the Joy of Memorable Educational Travel.
    Love that Ian it paints the past.

  2. Cheers, Joe!

  3. O K R Sivagnanam

    Nature has its incredible power of existence always remaining enigmatic to the humankind!

    We change quite often like the garbs we wear to suit the occasions, but nature is special, strange, and different only to present itself as one single mega entity never changing – its identity remaining always as before in its pristine quality!

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