Stirring Flood!

One fine morning clogged all my dreams,

On seeing it, painful tears began to sprout.

All my calculations ran into creeks,

When flooded tears, choked my house.

All its pillars built on my sweat dues.

Have I not taken care of it so vehemently?

Yet the flood placed its hands on top of my roof.

It gripped its arms slowly, steadily yet lovingly.

Uninvited guest kept me in buzzer.

Fiddling with my tears it finally walked over.

Clutters of things got damaged forever.

I had to throw them one after the other.

Life is the precious gift can I ever buy?

Perhaps the things lost I may or may not buy!

                                                              ~Geetha Jayakumar

                                                              Mumbai, India


  1. Oscar Dawohoso says:

    Great piece

  2. Swapna Jayaraman Menon says:

    Very thoughtful Geetha

  3. Good and beautiful

  4. Wow..loved it…..gr8 thots.

  5. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    A stage comes in everyone of God’s creations to alter its status to one of ‘waste’, and it’s time to exit!
    But someone or something unwithered as yet,but ready to leave, the loss of which is very much unbearable to digest!
    What comes must go out one day, and we presume the exit to be at the right time – when it arrives – intended by the Almighty!

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