Re-Write the Destiny

Can  someone  hold  my  hand,

Read  the  lines  on  my  palm

And  utter  a  few  hopeful  words

Sooth  my  wounded  core  with  balm

I  don’t  think  anyone  can  do  that

So  let me  change  the  entire  script

Make  it  favorable  for  ourselves

Lets  live  life  and  not  be  adrift

I  want  to  spend  my   lifetime

With  you,  my  beloved,  forever

Our  destiny  is  in  our  hands

Lets  re write  it  in  our  favour

We  both  are  meant  for  each  other

None  in  the  world  can  separate us

We  are the  immortal  soul  mates

We  have  chosen  our  stars  for  us

                                                        ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                          Bangalore, India

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Destiny is the reality everyone is going to face!
    But who’s alone in craving for that to be one of only ‘favours?!
    For life is to live happily with nothing to intervene and jeopardize it!
    A human is born with that faith and hope, and cannot imagine it to be different!

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