Month: September 2018


The Coming Storm

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Indian politics is unpredictable like weather and more unpredictable than that are the voters. The ‘good days’ and almost unchallenged rule enjoyed by the party in power, may set soon in few stronghold states and erode a big chunk of vote share in Loksabha next […]



It  was  a joke  my  destiny  has  cracked I  laughed  so  much  that  my  eyes  wept Seemingly, everything   is  hunky  dory But,  no one  knows  the  inside  story In  love  I  give  my  hundred  percent But , he  is  fragmented  in  past  and  present Whatever  I  want  in  life  I  […]


The Tea Cup

From the bottom of a tea cup a sad face stares back up. Its eyes are filled with despair for a life beyond repair. Time goes by at such a pace. Dreams disappeared without a trace. Loneliness is the only friend for a heart too broke to mend. Looking back […]


Knowing Your Place

I looked up at the ceiling a few years ago when my toilet worked. I looked up while doing my business I saw a spider on the ceiling so I finished then got a pen and wrote spider on the ceiling and put an arrow towards him. Now when I […]



South to north north to south to and fro a modern Sisyphus on the city bus to work and back thus the days go metronomically like the tick tock of a great clock yet with time never seeming to move forward nor ever stop on this endless back and forth […]


Beyond Eternity

  Unedited pains and love musks Resurrect in “bestest” sailing organs; They will be best read in the second – Childhood eyes of my beloved Goddess ! In perfect lines they will breathe from soul And so, unwilling to get chained In the cooing circles of any fleeting–verse Or, passing […]


Social Media and Your Consumers

By Blessing Afolabi Social Media is everywhere and impacts all walks of life. Social networks have evolved from being a handy means for keeping in touch with friends and family to being used in ways that have a real impact on the society. The relationship between a brand and its […]


मन की मीत

मन की मीत बड़ी अविरल, पर तन की मीत कमंडल जैसी कभी भरा हुआ, कभी आधा सा नैनों का रस बड़ा मनमोहक , पर दिल की आस कनेक्शन जैसी कभी लगा हुआ, कभी काटा सा मन सोच रहा दिल झेल रहा, सारा जतन क्यों फेल रहा कभी हरियाली कभी पतझड़ […]