Month: September 2018


Why Writers Need Rejection

By Mark Antony Rossi There’s a good chance I’m one of the only editor in chief’s who upon chance of a poem in my newsfeed will offer that poet an opportunity to be published in my major online literary journal: Ariel Chart. Lo and behold I was not prepared for […]


Crying Alone

I  used  to  cry  in  rain So  that  none  could  see  my  tears It  dawned  suddenly  on  me I’m  all  alone , need  not  have  fears No  one  will  see  me  crying And  ask  any  question Cry, I  may,  to  my  heart’s  content None  would  have  any  concern Why  should  […]


A Dialogue with Sangh

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS or Sangh, as its commonly known, in a rare gesture opened its doors to the world and invited intellectuals, academicians, journalists, diplomats, bureaucrats and prominent citizens alike to discuss its past, present and future. Even critics of Sangh accept that […]


Re-Write the Destiny

Can  someone  hold  my  hand, Read  the  lines  on  my  palm And  utter  a  few  hopeful  words Sooth  my  wounded  core  with  balm I  don’t  think  anyone  can  do  that So  let me  change  the  entire  script Make  it  favorable  for  ourselves Lets  live  life  and  not  be  adrift I  […]


Before Eternalness

I  Orbiting and operating kisses And nocturnal syrupiness Of my beloved Indian Summer,  Entered my veins like carnations Through my lips, tongue and Pen.  She burned and circulated Hope, Future And portals into my Modern-death.  She never judged the neverness, Undying-melancholy and evaporating-wounds I got from the capital of Infinity.  […]


The Stream by the School

The road, the bridge, the stream, the school itself, all seem smaller than they did before way back then in nineteen seventy-four or is it I who am diminished by the passing of the years? Ah, yes, crossing the bridge to enter the school at eight then leaving again at […]


Reality As a Simulation?

By Mark Antony Rossi Recently I was conversing with an engineer on social media who works at Space X the independent upstart regularly launching its unique rockets into space. He began to lecture me about his reality is really just a big simulation; thus we were pawn’s in a bigger […]