Mother the word that hides hundred words in its light

A word as tender as the moon beams

And as mighty as a roaring sea

A word comforting it’s child to serine sleep

And ripping out the shadows from his dream

A word which eats less, sleeps less, stands aware to the needs of its fruit

A word lights up thousand candles to brighten its flowers to bloom

The word is magic wiping all your worries out of your soul

Peaceful, calm absorbing your disquiet

Replenishing you with life

As tolerant as this ancient earth

As protective as the first rain

The word is sugar on your bitter core

The word is salvage to your unsettled soul

                                                                             ~Debjani Mukherjee

                                                                               Surat, India

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    The six-letter-word ‘MOTHER’ is but a bag full of all the nice attributes on this earth as is evidenced by your beautiful poem!

    The power-packed motherly love has no parallels to compare with!

    And may that power drive away the evils in our midst to present a pleasant life enjoyable by one and all!

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