Cruel Streak

I saw
a star in the sky.
It had
a twinkle
like your eye.
I stood
and stared
until it clouded over.
Then I thought
of you
and your new lover.
How lucky he is,
I bet that he doesn’t realise it yet.
He will someday and
unlike me
will not throw it all away.
I hope he is
caring and strong,
with a love for you
that won’t go wrong.
Not like me
and my cruel streak
that made you
emotional and weak.
Until you gathered
up the courage
to walk out the door.
Finally decided
you would take no more.
I don’t blame you,
I would have done the same.
Now I go to bed
whispering your name.

                                                          ~ Patrick Doran

                                                          Wexford, Ireland

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Many a time we don’t realize that spark, that light, that hope, when twinkling like a bright star,and when we do so, it becomes too late to have ‘her’ presence and embrace her true love.

    It’s cruel of one to disown that lover with full of passion for the loved one!

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