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I went into the golden dragon in Chinatown got a table for one and ordered some food but all the Chinese people got served before me. I started to get hungry when six boxes of dim sum made its way to a Chinese family steam rolling off the top. Their […]

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I  can  do  anything  in  the  world Be  it  serious, quirky  or  funny I  have  faith  and  will  power Which  works  for  me  as  a  Jennie If  so  far  you  have  not  believed, In  witchcraft  or  in  magic,  Fall  in  love  with  someone You’ll  find  joy  beyond  logic There  is  […]

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Straight Crickets

By Mark Antony Rossi The chattering of chubby cheeks is like a bowel movement of the mouth. It spills the bile of yesterday across your naked feet. The undigested propaganda of a mean-spirited bystander. The age is upon us where the word of a man is mocked as a lie […]

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A Dream

Her home she had left far behind Prodding ahead in search of her dreams What they were /how she’ll know them for sure No idea she had of it- But to fulfill her dreams she was bent on! Aimlessly she traversed from one unknown path to another Searching impatiently for […]

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The Red Car

By Hema Ravi The other day, we were driving home from the airport after seeing off our daughter, her husband and their year-old toddler, the apple of our eyes! Ahead of us was an ‘antique’ open  Fiat car, one of the ‘Jaanavasam’ vehicles of the yester years. Today, this ceremony […]

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Public Notifications: GTF Press Release

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The Lindsey Speaketh

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY, USA

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Wailing Silence

Better all words need not to spell let few be hidden inside cell Within preserving delicate feel protected carefully from crafty skill. When luna caresses sky with silvery layer whispering wind cajoles wood to cheer dancing tulip flirts meadow ecstatically silence spreads in nature so subtly Around multitude stay voiceless […]

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Friend Request

What is  your Status? How are you feeling? Two thousand friends without any meaning. Look at me Am I pretty? How many likes do I need? Nobody comments. Nobody likes. What have I done wrong with my life? Who are you? We never met. Your my friend. How could I […]

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A Shaking Tree

Whose olive tree is that shaking? I think its owner is quite sad today. It’s truly a tale of deceit or woe, I watch her frown and pass by. She gives her trees a hardy shake and sobs until the tears start to flow. The only other sound’s the breaking […]

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