NRC: The List You Do Want to Be On

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Unlike our western border with Pakistan which is heavily patrolled, manned and fenced, our eastern border that we share with Bangladesh pose one significant hurdle in its security, the geography. When it comes to mountains, rivers, marshes and dense forests, there will always be problems in demarking which side is ours and which side is theirs’s. It’s not that fencing is a challenge but that if you want to come from Bangladesh to India, fence won’t be a deterrent and our enemies know that too. Think of it in this way, if we can cross the border in 1970’s to snatch Bangladesh from Pakistan, don’t you think they can use the same terrain to send in terrorists.

Illegal migration not only brings in people who want to make a decent life in your country but also those who want to destabilize your homeland. Just google the term India Bangladesh Border and you’d come to know that its one of the most complex border zones of the world, some even call it the worst. Under the current govt. of West Bengal, the drugs and fake currency business is booming at an alarming rate, given all the problems of the state how do you think Mamta Banerjee manages to win elections all the time. It’s the helping hand from the other side. Trust me it’s not the goodwill that TMC use to run that state. It’s the brute force and the cash from illicit activities that is used to keep any questioning voices mum. Assam has same migration challenges from Bangladesh side of the border, I am not saying everyone coming in from Bangladesh is a bad guy but not everyone is good guy either. And what do you think an illegal do when he comes in from the other side; they get all the necessary identification to claim their rights as Indian citizens. Trust me, you’d find a very good enrollment of Aadhar in border areas. Security is the paramount reason behind this list and there shouldn’t be a compromise on this issue.

Now coming to the talks of civil war and rivers of blood that some politicians predict will happen. First, Mamta Banerjee and other politicians should refrain from fanning flames. This NRC draft was long overdue in national interest and should be above any political bickering but our politicians don’t think about country anymore. The list has nothing to do with religion; there are Hindu names too that are not on that list but sensation is what sells today not facts.

We need to find a humane way to deal with this critical issue, people should be given a fair chance to defend themselves. Children and elderlies should be given due consideration and those who are ultimately find illegally living here should be asked to go back. I know it’s easier said than done and we should be ready for rioting and social unrest but this is about defending our nation, its citizens and rights. Decisiveness is what that separates leader from a politician and that is what’s needed most right now.

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  1. well siddharthji , the refugee problem is an old one in India . I still remember how the citizens of this country were compelled to pay extra for stamps etc in the name of refugee funds.
    this seems to have become a never ending problem people cross borders then expect to receive financial aids and all sorts of other benefits in the name of refugees
    the govt should really take serious steps to send these people back to their own country and not dig the roots of this already overburdened country
    what we need here are clear minded progressive statesmen instead of petty politicians running the country

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