Melting Moments

A sweet, merry voice whispered into my ears

‘I love you so,’ did you hear?

I turned around to see the loving soul


No one seemed to be so near

I closed my eyes I shut them tight

 Wondering who it could be

 A hazy image peeped behind

 The rustling breeze stood still

The dim, dim light the drowsy fan

Swayed for a while then ‘stood still’

 It seemed as though a blind alley resumed

 To play upon my soul

A touch upon my shoulder wakened me up

To find the room empty and no one behind

The hanging curtain upon the wall

 Shimmered and shone… just then

 The rustling tuned to the fading delight

Of my dreary dream, was I dreaming?

Then soon the whispering voice again

 Whispered into my ears,

 ‘Be not afraid whatever the tide…

 God will take care of you…

He will take care of you’

 I looked around and spied a glow

Twinkling in the night

The window blind it did shine with the twinkling glow

A figure behind it I did spy

Fading, melting away

Oh! Dear, it dawned upon me then

My friend so long ago

Peeped into my mental frame

Thinking it blocked ‘long ago’

It was such a long time back

We stood there back to back

In times when ‘mountains’ were hard to move

We joined hands to trail the track

 Now amidst the hustle and bustle of life

She has flown the beaten path

Of human life that was so dear

Our steps have left the mark

God bless her soul always so dear was surely by my side

I know for sure she was there tonight

Behind the thrilling curtain bright

Behind the blinding glare

Beckoning me to fulfill our dreams

We dreamed together long ago

To cross the tidal waves of life

That drowns a human life

‘Be strong,’ she whispered again to me

‘I am always there by your side

Never give up hope, your life


Smile and tear the tidal waves of life’

                                                             ~  Shobha Diwakar 

                                                                  Jabalpur, India


  1. A simple but a very beautiful poem.

  2. What a beautiful experience – penned straight from the heart – as experienced ! A true friend- whether in this world or beyond will always be there for you- boosting your dampened spirit/ heart standing by you and encouraging you to carry on with life as it comes. No gift could be more precious than this on FRIENDSHIP DAY. You’re truly blessed Ms.Diwakar. cherish the experience. ! Beautiful poem!

  3. yes ASB and Ms Naik true friends enliven your life and are always by your side in rough times and good
    It’s heavenly to have such friends they blossom your life forever
    thank you for appreciating the sense conveyed

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