Lovely Poetry/Lovely Earth

Like the immeasurable body

Of an impure Love poetry,

My woman’s geography

Graceful Nature, divine Monsoon,

Renaissance of ART, corollas,

Aromas and evergreen-beauty !

Fair and dark lovely-hills

Luscious goblet mounts

Blooming passionate vale

Dynamic galactic bed.

Looks like a defeated


A programmed world ?

She is a lioness, a red-sea of light(n)ing,

An earthy tolerance,

An elegiac sanctuary.

Sometimes, boredom !

Red days of magmatic strikes.

Stellar distance of her sweet black hole

From my boneless long light-year !

She is a cosmos of green-perfume,

Pleasure, pain, melancholy

And neverness.

Love poems are best read

In her visible astral eyes.

Eternity she brings burning

Darkness, heart, blood, love and light.

Oh, in her ripened rosy bore-well,

My rough plough digs and pillages !

Seeds of mutual Love

Meet and mingle

Into Life.

Entangled desire of Time waits !

New cries of growing green

Of Sunlight saplings

Near the afforest


Alpha !

                                                          ~ Sanju Clement

                                                          Kerala, India

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