Let it Go

Everyday standing in front of the mirror,

Deciding today you’ll let go,

Like yesterday present also passes, and tomorrow arrives,

Your heart is still full of burden,

Anger and frustration buried deep within,

It’s been so long; you’ve lost the key,

Not knowing how to open up anymore,

You use all the energy to keep the wall secure,

Don’t even realise when your entire world has collapsed,

Bits and pieced everywhere,

If only you could turn around and let go.

Your hatred tries to jump out the cracks,

Threatening all the love, that you have,

Open the lid just a little,

Let all the negativity flow out,

You don’t have to suffer alone,

Torturing yourself won’t help,

Slowly even your dreams will have a shade of grey,

All the locked feelings and all the sealed emotions,

Will slowly suck out all the joy from your life,

I know you’re afraid of getting hurt,

Keeping quiet gives you control,

A pain that is only yours.

I know letting is uncomfortable,

Laying your heart bare is not that simple,

But trying isn’t that difficult either,

Carrying the wait of agony is too much,

Struggling alone is not the solution,

For once let someone else comfort you,

You have consoled yourself long enough,

You have cried alone for far too long,

Let someone share the tears this time.

Speaking the first sentence is hard,

But the liberation you feel is worth it,

Suddenly you’ll feel free again,

So let go,

Otherwise all those old wounds,

Will kill you slowly,

Will poison all your relations,

And you won’t even recognise yourself,

Silence isn’t always golden,

So, don’t be silent anymore,

Don’t suffocate anymore,

Let it go.

                                                   ~Snigdha Jain

                                                                                                                        Bikaner, India

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  1. The poem has a lesson for all of us to learn & follow for a happy life. It’s true each one of us should try to let go the past & move on.

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