A Secret

We are all fools

wandering around

doing things for no real reason

crashing off each other like snooker balls

hoping one day we may do something of brilliance

so everybody can say how great we are

only to realize

how unimportant it is to be recognised by others

even of greatness.

But on we go

trying to grasp onto that passing cloud

looking for something

trying to find something

but the secret is

it is never quite what we thought it to be.

                                                                        ~Marc Carver

                                                                           Basingstoke, UK


  1. The secret is within, elusive as it seems..

  2. Very well said that foolishly we try to gain fame through a show of great work. What is important is to work with 0ur heart & mind for the love of helping someone or for the satisfaction of doing some good and not for gaining something but running/ pulling down others

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