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जैसी करनी वैसी भरनी

By Anuradha S. Bannore ‘अरे, दीशा बहिन, सुनो तो जरा।’ ‘का है कुसुम, जल्दी कहो, मोहे देर हो रही है, काम पर जाने है।’ ‘जरा इते को तो आओ ,इतनी भी का जल्दी है’ ‘काहे, कोई खास बात है का ? ‘ ‘अेईसे तो इते बुला रहे है’ ‘अच्छा, तो […]

August 19, 2018 · 2 comments · Fiction

Let it Go

Everyday standing in front of the mirror, Deciding today you’ll let go, Like yesterday present also passes, and tomorrow arrives, Your heart is still full of burden, Anger and frustration buried deep within, It’s been so long; you’ve lost the key, Not knowing how to open up anymore, You use […]

August 19, 2018 · 1 comment · Poetry

Not Without You

I  keep  awake  whole  night I  keep  touching  my  cell  phone I  don’t  want  to  miss  your  call I’m  all  ears  for  the  ring  tone I  fancy  you,  I  dream  of  you, I  wish  that  every  moment I  should  be  there  always,  my  love, Wherever  you  are  present Your  magical  […]

August 19, 2018 · 0 comments · Poetry

There Is No Butterfly-Effect!

I There is no butterfly-effect. People should learn To respect The Nature. Or, people suffer In man-made Chaotic world ! God Sunlight : ” I became invisible For my people Because, My people didn’t Believe ‘I’ ” ! II Those who hurl War and blood culture Are unaware that It’s […]

August 19, 2018 · 0 comments · Poetry

The Farmer’s Friend

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY, USA

August 19, 2018 · 0 comments · Cartoon, Latest Post

Dream Visit

In the dream he leads me a schoolboy excitedly along narrow 1970s streets to a bookstore near the school he taught at showing me rare editions of classic books. We browse together in a communion that never existed in real life. How strange how sad this visit from a father […]

August 19, 2018 · 1 comment · Latest Post, Poetry

Hells Of Our Own Making

By Mark Antony Rossi We are in Hells of our own making. This does not absolve the oppressor in our midst. However; it explains that our choices bring harm to our lives. Therefore, part of our anger should be directed at the mirror. But instead we help the darkness by […]

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Tricolor is the cynosure of all Eyes, As great names of our history are Reminisced. The picture of a platform tainted Crimson, Reappears in our minds for the umpteenth time. Hearts bleed pride like the bloody Wars, Fought in the name of freedom. The swords of differences slayed Bodies, That […]

August 19, 2018 · 2 comments · Latest Post, Poetry

O Traveler, We Have to Go Far

अभी बहुत आगे जाना है रुकना नहीं है यहाँ पथिक उस देदीप्य, सुशोभित नभ को, इस भूतल पर सजाना है मत रुक पथिक, अभी बहुत आगे जाना है । जहाँ से चले थे बहुत दूर आ गए सहचर सब  छूट गए पीछे, अब अकेले ही जाना है, मत रुक यहाँ […]

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Independence Day Celebrations – Sarda Balgram, Ram Krishna Mission, Gwalior

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