World Not Enough

a circle of listeners mused around her

a Dylan piece with guitar she scoring

about to dusk on the strand of the Thames

I could not but stop strolling;

a baby in comfort playing over her belongings

amidst interlude she carefully glancing

her torso speaks she don`t belongs here

someday she was forced to quit homeland dear:

few months back,at dusk walking past Princep strand

a frail lady singing a melody with people around

a baby crawling over her belongings joyfully

her eyes pitching on the baby adorably

she also does not belong to the city

forced to live on public pity;

life goes on everywhere sameway

beside the Thames or the Ganga anyday.

                                                                                 ~Shyamal Mukhopadhyay

                                                                              Nagpur, India

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