The Mentor

I can’t live with myself alone anymore

There’s no one to give me company here

I need an escape, I wish to  be  lost

Take me beyond the moon dear

I may  wander  like a nimbus cloud

I’d  like to shine  resembling  stars

Let raindrops  hide my tears, besides

Washing  away  all  my  scars

I have ambitions, hopes and aspirations

I  need  some  love  and  amity

Some angel must have sent you

To  me,  like  a serendipity

You’re  my  guide, friend and  philosopher

I’d  learn about the world from you

I would follow you to the end of the globe

And  emulate  whatever things  you do

Just  help  me  to  stand  on  my  feet

Let me learn from the book of life

A  little assistance  from  you  my  mentor

Would  surely  lessen  the pain and strife

So  let  me  be  your  follower

Impart   your  knowledge  on  me

I  promise  with  my  dedication,

I’ll  be  wisdom’s  epitome

                                                              ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                                 Bangalore, India

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