My Dearest is No More

Wake me from this dream
I am full tears and fears
life dealt with me

It took my love away from me
My dearest is no more
Our love is now like two parallel lines

How can a man have a nightmare in a day time
Wake me it is a dream
Yes it is a dream

But how long will this be a dream
Am short of words
It’s like holding a thin air

How can I be alone in this shattered world
No one to hold unto
Please do come back to me my dearest…

                                                                               ~Ejimofor Jeremiah

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    The loss of the dearest one is not something that can be digested so easily!
    It’s an irreparable loss that cannot be replaced!
    That memory lives for ever in the heart of the person who has lost that valuable companion!
    The consoling words coming as from the near and dear ones are just consolation – nothing more and nothing less!
    Only time can come to the rescue and answer the affected!

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