A Ride Inside

Yeah! The best ride I witnessed in my life.

I’m inside me and it tingles me.

Whatever I do to myself, I’ll feel it myself.

I entered through a round gate and got swallowed by me.

It’s dark inside and I cannot see a thing.

A trek to the intellect was thrilling,

The curiosity of what I would see was killing.

The subconcious had all the secrets,

I could have erased many of the events,

But to my luck, there were no such resets.

What I thought, bumped in it,

Wish I could stay longer and learn more about it.

And then I saw a distant coal mine surrounded by snow.

It was burning with flames,

But the snow melted and watered the mine.

A free fall down to a trampoline,

And for the first time in life,

I felt heaviness as I rest.

Two huge balloons;

Inflated with bad breath.

Not what I inhaled but what the others exhaled.

To my surprise, I saw something delicate.

Filtering the sins from a red stream,

It was sensitive and small,

But had room for all.

A great ride it was, both bumpy and smooth,

I got into a maze and lost my way.

A puzzle unsolved.

I travelled and travelled to get my way back.

In the midst of a desert, a drop of ale fell on my head.

I’m inside me and it frightens me.

Whatever I do to myself, I’ll feel it myself.

                                                                        ~Rahul Mitra

                                                                           Hisar, India

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