Timeless Place

Let’s move to a timeless place

where the time stops

but the heart still sways

where the emotions are fleeting

and brimming over

and flowing

where the moments stop

and love keeps flowing

where I overcome the fear of losing you

love is not stripped from me anymore

I still keep pieces of my heart

beating as a whole

when the time stand still

and we stay forever young

and the atrocities of life

seems so far-flung

where the eternal tune, the heartbeat

never loses the rhythm

and I see you clearly

my love never remains hidden

where the hands of the clock are

never apart

just like us

our souls are entwined

into each other

where the mortals can finally lay a claim

to their mortality

can mock the death

get socked in the elixir of immortality

Oh! I wish and dream of such a place

where your heart beats next to mine

and our love always stays sublime.

                                                                       ~Megha Sood

                                                                        Jersey City, NJ, USA


  1. Another great poem by Mehga Sood, a poet who can frame emotion and make it sing in the rhythm and flow of the verse.

  2. Thanks so much for the appreciation, Paul.

  3. Very beautiful,nice share flowing in the cup of poetry!lovely, keep writing, cheers!!!

  4. Very beautiful nice cup of lovely poem, keep writing, cheers!!!

  5. Thanks so much Ravindra for reading and commenting.Your words are highly appreciated

  6. Ashish Mangla says:

    Very Beautiful Megha…Perfect combination of words with emotions.

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