Pay Day

The Pay- day

is a gain day

for the ‘Salarian’

If only he forgets

the landlord’s share

of the booty he laboured for

the bill he must pay

for the fledging power supply

the dues he owes for the tap

that is too shy to spit

the brother- in- law’s fees

that cry for settlement

or the madam’s wardrobe

that begs for an update

for peace to reign

the contribution to the village

for aged parents’ upkeep

ah, the mechanic’s demand

for the automobile’s overhauling

he looks at the chopped sole of his shoes

the tiny holes on his trouser

the fade on his shirt

all are wolves

against his meager pay sheep

                                                       ~ Afolabi Blessing

                                                            Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    A day to remind us of all the liabilities ahead, and to be met with possibly before the next pay day arrives announcing new commitments!

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