The Shaggy Creature

A full moon night it was
As she lay gazing at the silvery ball –
Umpteen eerie creatures surged her mind
Pinned so strongly, she couldn’t shirk them away
Spine-chilling monsters before her eyes danced
Sleep lost its way-
In the midst of ridiculous bloodcurdling creatures-
Jumping into life from just nowhere-
Huge shiny red eyes popped out of their sockets
A broad nose with hairy nostrils
An ugly big mouth crammed with sharp protruding long teeth
Ready to pounce and take a bite of you
A green jutting dribbling tongue
All set to lap off whatever came its way
Elongated pointed claws
A short thick bushy tail
The shaggy creature standing on its hind legs
Appeared way taller than an average man
Towards her the bulky beast advanced arduously
Glaring at her persistently
Its flabby body swayed to and fro
A black ghost it seemed to be
Petrified, a prayer she mumbled
Shutting her eyes tightly-
A scream reverberated through her room
A cold touch froze her with fear
A stiff frigid being she became-
Anxiously she waited to be gnawed and chewed
When a sudden sharp shake jolted her very existence-
The beast had got her she apprehended
Capriciously the hand slipped-
Aghast, warily an eye she opened
Oh what a relief it was to see her sister standing by-
Gazing bizarrely at her pallor face!

~ Anuradha S. Bannore
Vadodara, India

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