Miss You Ma

I  lost  her  when I  was  very  young,

How   do  I  reminisce  about  her,

She  is  a  vague  and  distant  memory

There’s  nothing  distinct  that  I  remember

She  is  only  a  concept – just  a  notion  divine,

A  mere  idea  of  an  angelic  being

Someone,   who  for  a  while , cared  for  me,

Even  now,  for  me   she  is  praying

Now,  when  I, myself  am  a  mom

I  know  what  a  mother  goes  through

The    children   also  reciprocate,

They   respect   and   love   you

Hence  I  perceive  the  emotions

I   have   for  my  offspring

I  know   that  my  mother  also

Must  have  been  loving  and  caring

As   they  say,   God  realized,

He  couldn’t  be  everywhere,

To   designate   his  duties

He, then,   created  a   mother

                                                                    ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                                     Bangalore, India


  1. It’s a very beautiful poem!

  2. It’s a beautiful touching poem. Nothing can be more heart rending than a child losing his/her mother at a tender age when he/she needs her loving care the most.

  3. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Compassion – thy name is mom!
    You’re right in saying that God created mother for HE may not be present everywhere to shower love and affection on the humans all the time!
    One being a mother can only truly visualize motherhood and its manifestations cent per cent!
    And about others?
    They experience physically from what they get in their lifetime from childhood!
    No parallels to equate with motherhood!

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