Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to ashes

dust to dust

we all are made up of this

and in them finally, we rest

we learn the lessons from the

untrammeled thoughts in our

in our resplendent minds and

savor the ambrosial

presence of the divine around us

We were conceived as a stardust

and living on the edge

testing out limits

filled with ego and disgust

We create this shiny visage

to flaunt and glimmer in

the darkest of the days

praying under our

bated breath

for the

savior to come and

save our grace.

We are living

our life in a denial

turning our back to the truth and

rubbing the ashes of

anger, hurt and pain

on our soul

making it so

impure and vile.

We built our empires

great cities and

magical towns

crushing and crumbling the

the hopes of the

lesser and

downtrodden ones

Running blindly towards this

blinding light

and try to cheat the death

a lifetime spent in denial

and mistrust.

Conceived as a miracle

and living on the

edges of desires and fame

No matter

how much you

run and hide

you will be returned

to ashes

and the same.

                                              ~Megha Sood

                                                     Jersey City, NJ, USA


  1. An amazing piece! :)

  2. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Sounds philosophical, but true!
    On the one side we witness the height of splendid achievement!
    On the other, there’s the pitiable plight of the have-nots finding it difficult to have at least a full meal a day!
    Is it a case of luxury-indulgent at the cost of those entangled in pain and suffering?
    We all came unto this world with nothing, and we leave everything before our exit!
    Why so much of craze for success with opemly crushing the legitimate wishes of others!
    Is it that we value ashes and dust more than the soul of the less privileged?

  3. Thanks for reading my poem so intently and for sharing your precious thoughts.Much appreciated.

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