Untamed Beauty

Seldom mystique, along further disrupted clog of bugging

Till she was discovered was there no trouble

Her hair in colored blonde bob could not loose point of convergence

Neither could the shape of the cities behooving her house of rest

Where to see value treasured, West Africa is called on stage

Practiced religiously for our sense of purpose

The shyness in her becomes her skin color

Wherever she hears children chanting by runaway streets

Always thirsty to be there

Her figure encompasses by King Kong

When her appearances evoke memories of the festivals

Beauty indeed, beauty for real

Creatures that are destined are cornered

For despair was too precious to keep

Her face wouldn’t say boo to a goose

Welcome the untamed beauty

                                                  ~Daniel Ajayi  

                                                      Ogun State, Nigeria

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