The  Lamp

Even  before  my  birth,  the  soothsayer  said

That  I  would  be  a  guiding  light,

That  I  would  represent  the  sun,

In  dark , by  shining  very  bright

I  didn’t,  at  all,  disappoint   them,

Kept  up  the  good  work  going,

To  make  the  universe  radiant,

I  ever   remained   glowing

It  was  my  pre-written  destiny

With   God’s   indelible   stamp,

I’ll  have  to  go  on  burning,  to  light

Others’  paths  I’ll  have  to  be  a  lamp

                                                ~Sudha Dixit

                                                Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    I could visualise from your poem how glorified a lamp is!
    For without expectation whatever, the lamp illuminates our surroundings with its bright light!
    For the light knows not to differentiate with people – all are alike, and one and the same to it!
    For the light has that glorious sacrificing
    feature to make itself one of the greatest wonders on this earth!

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