You fall incessantly

 from my eyes

covering my face


drawing a veil

on  my emotions

my secret keeper

my promise bearer

You roll down my cheeks

as a reminder of the

promise unkept

as a reminder  of

my heart  broken

 and the shards piercing

and all the bridges

I have been trying

to keep in place

you roll down gleefully


wishes and dreams

are burnt alive

I can’t cup or hold you

you are just bits of salty water

you know

a reminder of my heart

 as it fails to contain the

 insatiable joy inside

the welling up of eyes

when I can’t hide

the love inside

I hide you behind

all the curtains of

the  curved lip and cursed heart

when I don’t want you to

see that

I’m being burnt alive

I’m your creator

you are born out of me

you every iota of existence

is compensated

by the blood running

through my veins

I create you

but you still manage

to defy me.

My tears, defy me.

                      ~Megha Sood

                      Jersey City, USA

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