Month: April 2018


The Real Threats to Humanity

By Mark Antony Rossi While we are in the midst of worrying about chemical and nuclear weapons used by rogue regimes I say our greatest threats stem from transhumanism, artificial intelligence and genetic modifications. Transhumanism is gaining traction in the world community as a philosophy supporting the artificial enhancement of […]


Untamed Beauty

Seldom mystique, along further disrupted clog of bugging Till she was discovered was there no trouble Her hair in colored blonde bob could not loose point of convergence Neither could the shape of the cities behooving her house of rest Where to see value treasured, West Africa is called on […]



I  see  him  as  my  alter – ego, My buddy, comrade, my friend, Who couldn’t  brighten my darkness But remained with me, holding my hand We  sit  for  hours  silently We don’t  need  words between us His  mere presence makes me happy Our  love  is, simply,  glorious He makes me […]


Are You Ready For The Future?

Are you ready for the future, are you ready for the real? Are you ready for the future and the consciousness feel? Are you ready for a life outside the killin’ hate? Are you ready for the future and with love to have a date? Are you ready to be […]


The Thieving Mates

By Shobha Diwakar They lived together in a slum covered with oozing dripping drains, garbage decked on both sides of the road. Thatched roofs with bits of shredded sacks, and stacks of straw and dung cakes lined with polythene sheets to keep off the rain. Sheru and, Bheekhu an orphan were […]


कहाँ हो तुम ?

अब भी मेरी तन्हाई के साथी हो तुम l मेरे वीराने घर की बहार हो तुम l मेरे लबो की हंसी मे हो तुम l मेरे तन मे खुशबु बन कर समय हो तुम l मेरे बिस्तर की सलवटों मे हो तुम | मेरे खूबसूरत नीड की सृजना हो तुम […]


Rhyme of the Woods

Pitch black walls, orange tinged skies green blades of grass, with dew atop crickets chirping across the narrow stream flock of birds, sitting on hut’s tin shade Dawn breaks in valley, milkman knocks white milk, with a stroke of sun’s part girls sell loaves and jams from door to door […]


The Curious Case of Salman Khan

By Ranjit K. Sahu At first I would like to clear that I have nothing against Mr. Salman Khan personally nor against the Government or judges or anybody concerned with the entire episode. The law has taken its course and I stand with it as an abiding citizen. However as […]