O Infinite one, Bound within Boundaries

Translation of Tagore’s ‘Simar majhe Osim tumi’ (O Infinite one, Bound within Boundaries) from Gitabitan


O Infinite one, you play your own tunes, bound within boundaries.

That is why Your presence in me is so enchanting.

O Formless, in music and in rhyme, in fragrance and in colors,

in songs and in metres, Your beauty mesmerises the core of my heart.

(And it) Emerges through me in such sublime splendor.

That is why Your presence in me is so enchanting.

All doors open when we unite and engage

Waves of the oceans of the world swell and sway as they awaken

Your light is formless; through me they find form

Your beauty becomes beautiful, shaped through my tears.

That is why Your presence in me is so enchanting.

                                                                              ~Translated by Chaitali Ray Sengupta

                                                                                                                                The Netherlands



  1. Baishali Chatterjee

    A beautiful translation, loved reading it!

  2. I have heard this song so many times, it has a special meaning for me. great read!

  3. Bhavani parekh

    Translation is of quality. Liked reading

  4. Mohit Chauhan Rajasthan

    For people who do not understand Bengali such translations are very welcome. Let us not forget the value of his works.

  5. Lipika George Dey

    Chaitali Its a beautiful piece. I am sorry I responded late. Your writing is improving. This is one of your best!

  6. Ananya Bhatnagar

    Dear Madam
    I read your translations of Tagore’s work from my sister Roshnita. She forwarded me to this link. What exquisite use of words. Please do more such works.

  7. Beautifully done!

  8. Nice translation. Loved reading it. Keep it up.

  9. Nice translation. Keep it up!

  10. Beautiful translation… meaning encapsulated

  11. Bahut sundar, we who cannot read Bangla this is our way of knowing the great poet.

  12. Chaitali, I am very glad you are still continuing with the task we gave you. Good work. Keep going. Make it your passion.
    Krishna di

  13. Brilliant job…?loves reading it

  14. Dear Sharmili,
    Thank you for reading it!