Love, where are you?

Have we lost you forever-

 In the labyrinth of this chaotic life we lead?

Gratuitously over engrossed in our work

The charm of living and being alive has dwindled away

In this race of amassing wealth and materialistic gains

Spiritualism we have sacrificed-

The real source of contentment and bliss!

Mirages we chase and reach out to-

Only to be disappointed and dejected

No time we have for the family, friends…

Total strangers are our neighbours-

A split personality we have developed

In this muddled life of masquerade our true self we have forsaken

A weird existence of perplexity –

A cooped up, reclusive life we survive in-

Doubts and suspicion have superseded trust

 Keeping everyone at bay-

The most significant trait of life we have forfeited

Not even an ounce of genuine emotions flows within us

The cloak of pretence drops down in an unguarded moment

Revealing –

A parched, dried up heart with-

 A network of shriveled up veins and arteries!

Life isn’t perpetual –

Waste it not imprudently on accretion of futile stuff

Old age isn’t far-

Each day it embraces us

Repentance will then raid our mind

Leaving us bare, weak and overwhelmed with remorse

Let’s live each day with love and care and-

Die with a peaceful, happy mind of having lived and loved and-

Greatest of all with the contemplation of-

Having been loved and cared for!

                                                              ~Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                             Vadodara, India


  1. Very true.In today’s society the meaning of LOVE is lost in materialistic needs. We spend all our life trying to please others thinking thats love but real love is in caring your family, friends and society.Thank you mrs Bannore for a beautiful poem.

  2. Beautifully expressed poems portraying
    The emptiness of human life lost in this chaotic world of money matters most
    Relashioships have become secondary even as life is exhausting in search of oxygen

  3. A very powerful portrayal of modern life . The medical world now calls this isolation and loneliness the greatest threat to life and sanity .
    The poet correctly says suspicion dwells where love should and could, but the material desires have robbed us of wisdom .
    The warnings are worth pondering over .
    A very timely and poignant poem rich with wisdom !

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