Voices of Men

At many times and various places

Have I heard the song of birds

I listened carefully but birds voices are thin, so thin.

The goats bleat, it bleeds of help

I listened carefully but not appealing

The dog barks, barks inquisitively

I listened carefully but just what man best friend does all time.

Voices fills the streets,

The air we breathe in carries waves of unanswered questions.

The voices grows, blows

I Listen carefully, to comprehend men and their words.

To hear their pains and see their joy

Feel for them and sing for joy.

Men carries burdens birds can’t sing,

Goats can’t bleat and dogs can’t bark.

The voices of men

Is in the air we breathe

If I listen carefully, for men

Shall I write my breathe.

                                                ~Tola Ijalusi

                                                     Ibadan, Nigeria


  1. oladapo timothy says:

    Lovely One….

  2. So beautiful and poetic

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