Still in Love

We  were  in  love  and  cared  for  each  other

In  spite  of  that  our  priorities  differed

We   took   one   another  for – granted

As  a  result  our  relationship  suffered

Realization   dawned   much   later,

When   things   went   out  of   our  hands,

We  had   lost   many  precious  moments

No  time  was  left   to  make  amends,

We   were   restless   and   in   pain,

Although   we  had  drifted   apart,

We   had   our  own  life –  style,  yet

Strange   are  the  matters  of  heart

We  are   going  to  miss  one  another

But  we   will   thus  live  our  lives,

Familiarity   breeds   contempt,

Given   space   our  love   survives

                                                       ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                           Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Trivial issues mar our relationships many a time, and we don’t mind debiting the account on this score!
    Knowingly we are making the list of friends and relatives a shorter one , in stead of at least maintaining the status quo!
    The enemy here is the powerful EGO that stands in between one and the other!
    Committing a mistake unknowingly is excusable, but not the one done wantonly!

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