Those paper thin virtues
can’t stand a moment of turmoil
when the dead comes hunting
they will the first ones to hide
when you feed your greed
and ego
and stuff your pockets
with that green slime

You cannot even pretend to care
who is dragged
and scraped
behind the wheels of your
gutless kingdom
Ah! so divine

With that false pretense and
a show of faith
for the lonely and the weak
you wave your flag of victory
reeling in the sympathy of the sick

You pretend to lead them and
give an elixer for their pain
when your hands are dipped
in blood on the innocent
and your soul is bloody stained

Loud screaming and the cacophony
your voice gives
can’t calm down
the devils in the humanity
which secretly dwells in
with all its brutality

You can only work in unison
and reach across the aisle
when its neither your son
or daughters
burnt alive on the pyre

Hiding behind the second amendment
and trading lives for the
rights of the living soul
how will you save your self
when you reach
your final destination
a pandemonium for your soul.

                                                         ~Megha Sood

                                                            Jersey City, India


  1. Wow, what a powerful poem, Megha! Unrelenting and honest… I am so glad you were featured here, and hope that your words continue to reach more and more people. Great work – keep it up!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Auroraboros.Much appreciated.