Loving You

I  do  not  need  seclusion,

To  think  of  you  any  time

Even  in  most  clamorous  crowd

You  are  there  in  my  mind

Our  first  tryst  was  by  chance,

You  have, promptly  made  an advance

You  were  looking  like  winsome  Adonis

And  I  went  into  a  trance

You  had  many  charming  traits, where

No  one,  any  fault , could  trace,

I  had  a  blind  faith  in  you

But  you  lied  with  a  poker  face

Now,  as  I  sit  brooding  pensively

Under  my  fragrant  mango  tree

Love  has  gone  out  of  my  life

Still,  I  am  not, yet,  totally  free

When  we  fall, we  do  get  hurt,

Even  if  it’s  love,  we  fall in

I  feel  you  around  me  like  the  air

I  breathe  and  take  you  all  in

                                                                    ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                                         Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    A nice poem on love!
    Bedrock of love is trust and genuineness!
    Pretension on the other hand is the destroyer of peace in the person cheated!
    In spite of it, one who is serious about that love, though lost, will continue to cherish it long, it being the first and strongest like the hard rock incapable of being thrown out of the mind!

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